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BA LLB, 2013

Dear Dhanda Ma’am,

Thank you for teaching the value of “Discourse”. This is a lesson which I learnt from you when I wrote to you (a bit frustrated to be honest) when I didn’t understand the crux of the Law and Poverty course you offered us. Now, with this lesson in mind, I feel much calmer during discussions I have with my friends and family on topics that solicit diverging perspectives.

I wish you all the best for your role in NALSAR as Professor Emerita. After Covid, I hope you take the time to do some travelling, and I hope to get an opportunity to host you in Kathmandu. During the famous head-heart debate we had with you, I remember your remark “One way to the heart is through a good meal in the stomach”. I’ll make you some lovely momos in return for the scrumptious meal you had prepared for your Seminar Bacchas.

Thank you Dhanda ma’am. For everything.

Regards and stay safe!



BA LLB, 2010

Dear Ma'am, I cannot believe it has been 10 years since you taught me! It was truly my privilege to sit in your classroom and be taught to question and push every academic concept - the academic skills you taught us in those formative years have been useful to me both in academia but also in legal practice and I cannot thank you enough for all those "you can do better" talks!! Lots and LOTS of hugs and good wishes for the next phase! Love, Emiko



BA LLB, 2013

I just want to thank you for teaching us the value of critical thinking. Whether it is as a teacher, administrator, leader or scholar - you show us that a better world is possible. Thank you for everything that you do.



LLM, 2013

Professor Amita Dhanda, this isn’t the first time that I’d be saying this but expressing my gratitude especially today, gives a greater meaning to express and say ‘Thank you’, 

Thank you, for all the selfless compassion that you have consistently endowed in us;

Whilst, touching our lives in ways that can never adequately be well expressed.

From the time of personal battles to believing in one’s agency,

you have empowered us all to relentless fashions,

to unlearning to ever settle for less.

Thank you for being the silver lining, especially in the darkest days…

Not only by equipping us well enough to keep fighting right back at life with relentless zest,

But more so, with your words and presence, that have guided us through the discerning judgments and threats.

Thank you for being the teacher who has guided our journey best by unravelling the enamored jurisprudence of life.

To the eight of us who shared the surreal academic space with you professor,

We came out as scholars with niche in humane ethics

Besides, being better skilled to engage with re-imagining the legal boundaries of subjectivity and critical legal theories.

Thank you, for investing the selfless trust and love in us.

I wish you a very happy emeritus and years of work ahead,

Whilst, acknowledging the milestone that has been reached, which truly marks the years of hard work and resilience that you have invested in carving out soul into legal scholars.

Congratulations, to the beginning of a new era with this milestone, and best wishes for the greater herculean tasks ahead that continues to re-define the boundaries…

“…The woods are lovely, dark and deep, But I have promises to keep,  

And miles to go before I sleep, And miles to go before I sleep.”

 -Robert Frost                



BA LLB, 2015

I have never really kept in touch with you, Ma'am. Keeping in touch was never one of my strong points. But not a day has passed since leaving NALSAR where I have not thought of you and there is no higher compliment I can give. You have taught me that nothing is sacred and everything can and must be questioned and thought through, and that has stood me in good stead over years. Lots of love and to many more days of reliving your classes.



BA LLB, 2018

I was always on my toes in your class. Used to not like it then, but now I really appreciate it. Thank you professor for the experience.



BA LLB, 2015

Thank you for teaching me the value of putting one's heart into what one teaches and writes. Just full of gratitude that I've had the opportunity to learn from you in so many different ways.



BA LLB, 2014

I'm not sure where to begin. I owe you so much and I don't think words ca do justice to what you've meant to me. You've played a major role (mostly unknowingly) in shaping me, and continue to do so. Thank you! Thank you for being you, and for introducing us to a world we didn't know of (through readings and discussions), teaching us how to think, problematise, engage, articulate, envision, be empathetic, unapologetic for who we are/think we are, and accept/embrace ourselves. Law school and life after it would have been very different without you. Falling short of words. I just have immense love and respect for you. I love you.



BA LLB, 2011

I was in first year when a senior told me - "If you want an inspiration in life, emulate Dhanda ma'am." I remember how scoring the highest in the law and poverty surprise test changed my life at NALSAR and beyond. That one little exam brought so much self-belief. I was overwhelmed when I saw waiting in our classroom till late in the evening only because you wanted to personally convey the answer script to me.

That I chose jurisprudence and academia, I owe it to that inspiration. You will show us the aspiration, hold our hands and put us on the path that shall take us there. I pray that god gives me an opportunity that when I write my first book, I can personally give you its first copy, my own small way to express my gratitude for you. I pray for your good health and may you continue to inspire us.



BA LLB, 2015

Hi Ma’am!

I don’t want to be dramatic but Shamirpet (and life afterwards) would not have been the same had we not met you in our first year of law school. I would forever be grateful to you for introducing us to academic works that seemed, personally speaking, really difficult for 18 years olds, but that's the knowledge I swear by till today. I gloat about what all we learnt in our Law and Poverty course wherever I go! I consider it my privilege to have been taught by you. Lastly, I wish I had enough opportunity (and confidence!!) to interact with you more often. -_- I hope the coming generations of law students continue to gain from your work and wisdom.

Lots of love and warm regards,




BA LLB, 2011

Hi Prof.,

It is extremely difficult, if not impossible, to try and pen down select memories from our time in NALSAR. They have been filled with anxiety and nervousness on one end (does my abstract/project hypothesis make sense? / am I fully prepared to handle this examination? / and who can forget, the nerves before the CDJ presentations), and this inexplicable sense of fulfilment and learning on the other. Above all else, the time spent learning from and with you (both inside and outside the classroom) evokes the deepest sense of gratitude - Thank you for moulding us into the lawyers we are today, for making us fall in love with the law, and for pretty much epitomising inspiration.

We owe a lot to you, and hope to live up to the ideals and standards you continue to set to this day!

Hope to see you soon,


Love and gratitude always,




BA LLB, 2018

Hi Ma’am,

First of all, congratulations on a superlative career at NALSAR. I’m struggling to be specific about how much you have contributed towards framing my world-view in law school and beyond. Maybe I could talk about the number of times I’ve brought up the Dangerous Dogs Act in conversation. Maybe I could tell you a bit about how reading Margaret Davies in first year led me down a rabbit-hole that ended with discovering a certain Judith Butler as well. Or perhaps, how being your TA gave me a chance to discuss one of my favorite long-reads in class  in the context of critical disability studies -“The Strange Case of Anna Stubblefield”,

I’ve decided instead to send you a copy of some of my LM notes that have managed to survive device change (a surprise, given how notorious I am at preserving notes in general). Hoping it makes for the right combination of reminiscence and a laugh (for I make no claims about the quality).


One of your many bachhas

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BA LLB, 2006

Dearest Dhanda Ma’am,

As you superannuate this year, I just want you to know that it is such a privilege to be known as your student. Thank you for investing in my life. I still remember my early days at NALSAR when everything around seemed like from a different world that I had not seen before. I was drifting along barely being able to keep myself together. When nothing being taught in the class made sense. When why was I doing law a blur, and legal english beyond comprehension. Thank you for then stepping into my life as an anchor like no other. Thank you for showering affection, encouragement and direction. Thank you for always stepping in every time I called for help thereafter. Like I have said before, now that I am a bit more able than before, hope someday I get an opportunity to learn under your guidance again.

Many many thanks.



LLM, 2014
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